A Gloomy Forecast

I have just received the latest edition of the journal of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and it makes gloomy reading.  The main report in the journal looks at the future of trading standards funding in local authorities.  It highlights yet more cuts to trading standards and includes warnings from several local authorities that they do not have sufficient funding to meet their statutory duties. re  It is clear that local authority trading standards no longer have the funding to carry out business advice.

The article states that a small local authority, with a population of around 70,000, should have eight fully qualified inspectors.  My nearest local authority, which has a population of over 300,000, currently has four and a half fully qualified TSO’s.  At least two of these officers are currently facing redundancy.

With local authorities hard pressed in providing the most basic of enforcement, where does this leave businesses.  At best they will be directed to a website or be given a leaflet.

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